It’s easy to sort bio waste

Is there a waste container for bio waste at your yard? Start sorting bio waste, it’s smart! Cooking leftovers are used for producing biogas and fertilisers at the Biolinja treatment plant in Uusikaupunki.

Did you know that sorting bio waste you can save not only the environment but also in the waste fees of your blocks of flats? It pays to sort waste!

Sort bio waste in your own kitchen

  • Drain fluids into the sink (pack cooking oil e.g. in a milk carton, and put into a bin for burnable waste).
  • You can use any kind of bucket or basket as your bio waste container.
  • Pack bio waste in a paper bag or newspaper. Don’t use regular plastic bags. It’s important to pack bio waste in order to keep the waste container clean and to prevent smell.
  • You can reduce moisture by using a container large enough for the air to circulate. A shredded egg container on the bottom of the container also soaks up moisture.

This is bio waste

  • fruit and vegetable peels
  • food scraps and moldy food products
  • coffee and tea grounds with filter papers
  • paper towels and napkins
  • fish guts and small bones
  • withered flowers and plant parts

This is not bio waste

  • fluids and liquids (pour into sink)
  • cooking oil (pack cooking oil e.g. in a milk carton, and put into a bin for burnable waste)
  • biodegradable diapers and hygiene products
  • plastic bags and packaging
  • milk cartons
  • medicines (return to the pharmacy)
  • cat litter
  • cat and dog droppings
  • gum, ash and cigarette butts
  • soil