Visitor Centre Kahmari


Visitor Centre Kahmari brings circular economy to life, functioning as a learning environment, a showroom and a builder of cooperation networks.

The Centre provides premises for the LSJH waste disposal advice services. For the inhabitants of the company operating area Kahmari is a learning environment where we arrange free, customised waste management training and environmental advice to different kinds of groups.

Being the waste management company of the residents of Southwest Finland, LSJH (together with its predecessors) has offered the people in the area high-quality advice on waste for years. The Visitor Centre is taking the provision of advice to a new level by offering an opportunity to learn something new about natural resources, the value of materials and the importance of sorting and recycling—all under the same roof. At Kahmari, locals can become familiar with waste management and sorting by trying it for themselves.

Visitor Centre Kahmari is a learning environment for the schoolchildren in the LSJH operating area. For instance, all the grade 8 students in the neighbouring area visit the participatory exhibition of the Centre annually. The exhibition is part of a waste management tour arranged by the LSJH.

Showcase of Circular Economy

For the cooperation partner network, Visitor Centre Kahmari is the showcase of the Topinpuisto circular economy network. While there, the network partners get to display their services, competence and ideas. The circular economy network seeks new recycling solutions and purposes of use for materials and creates a meeting place for environmental operators for the strengthening of cooperation. In the future, the Topinpuisto circular economy centre will be built around the Topinoja waste treatment centre.