The effect of the coronavirus situation on LSJH’s services

We are compiling all information on how the coronavirus situation affects our operations on this page.

Waste service is a basic service that is vital for the community and needs to be secured even during exceptional circumstances. We cherish the wellbeing of our customers and personnel, and follow the official instructions in all our operations. Some special arrangements have been taken in order to secure the most critical basic services for the waste service in the region. You can find them on this page. We are following the situation daily and will inform of all possible changes on this page.

Our services at your disposal

Our waste treatment centres and sorting stations are open and the waste reception is functioning normally for the time being. Check the opening hours.
During the time of epidemic:

  • Please do not come to the station if you are sick or if it is not necessary.
  • Don’t visit the sorting station with a large crowd.
  • Remember to keep a safe distance between yourself and other customers and staff.
  • Please use a disposable tissue or your sleeve when coughing and sneezing.
  • Please use hand disinfectant
  • Please use gloves, if possible.
  • Please use card payment and contactless payment, if possible.
  • Wash your hands when you return home. There are no hand washing or toilet facilities for customer use at the stations.
  • Note that there might be some deviations in the opening hours for the collection points for hazardous waste and/or electric devices our cooperation partners maintain. Check the situation on their webpages before you head out to take waste to the collection. Remember that our sorting stations accept electrical devices and hazardous waste (50 kg/l) from households free of charge.

Waste transportations and emptying of the waste bins continue as usual for now. In the areas where LSJH har organized the transportation, i.e. Kimitoön, Masku, Mynämäki, Naantali, Nousiainen, Raisio, Vahto area in Rusko and the Pargas archipelago area, the transportation contractors are preparing themselves for possible cases of illnesses by driving the waste transportations in advance. Due to this the emptying date for the waste bin might change with +/- 1–2 from the usual date. In the regions with contractual waste transport, that is where the real estate holder has made a property-specific waste collection contract with a transport company, you can turn to your own transport company in questions related to waste transportations.

Our customer service can be reached either by phone or e-mail in all waste related questions. Our customer service attends to customers on weekdays from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. by phone on the number +358 200 47470 or by e-mail at

Deviations in our operations

Our advisor activities have been suspended for the time being. The suspension includes arrangement of advisory events, hosting of visitor groups and lending of advisory materials. During this time LSJH:s advisors will not attend events arranged by others.

  • It is still possible to get advice by phone or e-mail. Just contact our customer service (tel. +358 20 47470 or
  • The ABC for wastes provides sorting help 24/7:
  • You can take a virtual tour of our visitor center Kahmari here.

Our offices on Kuormakatu in Turku and Korvenmäki in Salo are not open for customers for the time being.

Our shop for end-of-life-textiles is closed until further notice.

The circulating collections of the Siira sorting station on wheels and in the Pop up -sorting station are cancelled until 20.6.2020.

Our pick-up service has been suspended for the time being. Te pick-up orders that customers have already done have been cancelled in order to minimise customer contact. The ones affected by these cancellations have been informed of the matter personally.

Changes in the sorting instructions

Paper tissues and napkins can again be sorted into bio waste

  • The temporary instruction that tissues and napkins should be sorted as burnable waste instead of as bio waste has been revoked.
  • The health authorities THL and FIOH have reassessed the situation during Thursday March 19th and have come to the conclusion, that paper tissues and napkins can be sorted into bio waste despite of the coronavirus situation.

Cancelled events

  • All advisory events until the end of April. The ones affected by these cancellations have been informed of the matter personally.
  • Spring term tours aimed at the eighth graders.
  • Night of the wastes -event in Topinoja waste treatment centre 3.6.