Uusikaupunki has joined the shareholder municipalities of LSJH, from the beginning of year 2022. During this year, the waste management services in Uusikaupunki will be re-arranged to align both with the service level in the other shareholder municipalities and the requirements of the new waste management law. For the residents of Uusikaupunki, both permanent and part-time, this change will bring new waste management service forms. On this page, you’ll find up-to-date information on your local waste management.

Waste management in Uusikaupunki 2022

Refuse collection

Refuse collection from properties carries on as usual. LSJH has allocated local collection points for island properties at harbours.  More information (in Finnish)

Where does this waste belong?

Our waste search Jätteiden ABC helps you figure out how to sort specific pieces of waste: Click to access waste search

The search engine also provides information on your nearest collection points.

Bio waste

Bio waste can be delivered to the Lassila & Tikanoja Munaistenmetsä material treatment centre.

Read more about sorting and collection of bio waste here


Composting of bio waste is optional but recommended, if you have the facilities for it. It’s possible to lower waste management costs for the property by composing on the premises.

Composting and extension of bin emptying intervals over 4 weeks need to be declared to the waste management authorities. More information: Lounais-Suomen jätehuoltolautakunta

Garden waste

Raking waste is collected for free during certain weeks, at the Lassila & Tikanoja Munaistenmetsä material treatment center. The dates for this year are 26.9-1.10 and 17.10-29.10.

VSV-Energia heating plant welcomes twigs and branches on weekdays.

End-of-life textiles

Kierrätyskeskus (in Aktivointikeskus Puusti) collects end-of-life textiles during opening hours.

Electrical devices and other electronic waste

Broken electrical and battery powered devices can be returned to Remeo.

Besides sorting stations and Remeo, electrical devices can also be returned to some shops that sell them. More information (in Finnish): www.serkierratys.fi.

Hazardous waste

Bring hazardous household waste to the Lassila & Tikanoja Munaistenmetsä material treatment center free of charge.

Medication, hypodermic needles, syringes and thermometers with mercury in them can be returned to pharmacies free of charge.

How do you know, whether an item is hazardous waste or not? Search and find out with our waste search!

Our mobile waste collection services collect hazardous waste too, please see below for timetables and stops.

Mobile waste collection services

Our Pop-up sorting station and the mobile sorting station Siira visit the Uusikaupunki area. Check out timetables and stops in our event calendar, click here!

Customer service and advice

Our customer service representatives give help and advice via chat, on the phone and via email. Ask us anything about waste collection and management.