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  • Pipes and sheets containing asbestos wrapped in plastic and clearly marked
  • Other materials containing asbestos

All sorting stations take small quantities of asbestos. The reception limit at the sorting stations is 200 litres. Quantities larger than this are taken only by the Korvenmäki waste treatment centre.

Pack small quantities of asbestos tightly in old plastic or a refuse sack, for example, and mark it with the following text: “Asbestijäte, hengittäminen vaarallista” (“Asbestos waste; breathing hazard”). The exterior of the package should be clean. Asbestos should be packed so that the package will not break in handling and so that no dust will be released from it into the atmosphere.

Inhaling asbestos dust is hazardous. For this reason, all demolition work involving asbestos is subject to a permit, and you must have the work done by professionals. The use of asbestos was prohibited in 1994.

What happens to the waste:

Safe final disposal of asbestos takes place in a separate area at a landfill with immediate covering.

Reception fee:

See the pricelist.

Waste reception:

Waste treatment centre, Sorting station

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