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Burnable waste

Daily waste, such as:

  • Dirty plastic and carton packaging
  • Food and plant waste, if biowaste is not collected separately
  • Hygiene products, such as diapers and sanitary towels
  • Cat litter and pet bedding
  • Cleaning waste, such as vacuum cleaner bags
  • Plastic items, such as buckets and toys
  • Dishes, office supplies, soft toys etc.
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Flower soil

Sort both recyclable waste and hazardous waste separately.

What happens to the waste:

Burnable waste is utilised as energy in waste power plants where it becomes a source of heat and electricity.

Reception fee:

See the pricelist.

Waste reception:

Waste treatment centre, Sorting station, Own waste bin, Condominium waste bin

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