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Harmful invasive alien species

Harmful invasive alien species are plants, animals or other organisms that through human action have spread from their natural geographic range to new areas, where they pose a threat to biodiversity and/or cause significant economic, social or aesthetic harm. Himalayan balsam, hogweed, garden lupine, rugosa rose and the Spanish slug are examples of these. You will find more information on these on the Invasive Alien Species Portal.

The instruction here below is the general instruction for handling waste containing harmful invasive alien species. The packing instruction for the rugosa rose differs from the general instruction. See the packing instruction for rugosa rose.

  • Transportation of invasive alien species always includes a risk of spreading. Therefore, it is recommended that waste consisting of alien species is destroyed at site, if possible.
  • Pack the invasive alien species thoroughly in a tightly closed double garbage bag.
    • Take them to the sorting station as waste consisting of invasive alien species.
    • Handle waste consisting of invasive alien species with extra care so that plant parts or eggs, that enable spreading, do not end up in the environment.
  • Reception cannot be offered to mixed loads with both soil material and harmful invasive alien species (eggs, seeds, roots and branches). If you dig up the plant with root and soil all together, you must separate the plant parts from the soil material already at the site where the digging has been done. Please note that soil from areas where the Spanish slug is present may be transferred to other areas due to risk of spreading.

Please observe that it is recommended that the load with the invasive alien species, that have been packed according to the instructions, is covered with for example a hood or a cover during transportation. This minimises the risk for spreading.

Small loads of invasive alien species, that have been packed according to instructions, are received at all sorting stations free of charge. Large loads are received only at the Topinoja and Korvenmäki waste treatment centres and the reception applies only for loads without soil. Large loads do not need to be packed into garbage bags, thorough covering of the load during transportation is sufficient. Large amounts are received according to the price of burnable waste.

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