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  • Metal tins and cans
  • Non-deposit beverage cans
  • Aluminium trays, foil and lids
  • Metal lids, caps and closures
  • Used pots and pans
  • Cutlery, scissors and tools
  • Nails, screws, fittings and other small metal objects
  • Aluminium tea light cups
  • Empty, depressurised aerosol cans
  • Empty paint tins

Into the metal collection you can sort waste for which metal makes up more than half of the weight. Electric devices and waste containing hazardous waste make an exception to this rule – they always have to be taken to an appropriate reception.

Take small metal waste into the collection bin at your condominium or at the Rinki eco take-back point. Take larger metal scrap to the sorting stations or the waste treatment centres free of charge.

What happens to the waste:

New metal products are manufactured from collected metal.

Reception fee:

Free of charge.

Waste reception:

Rinki eco take-back point, Recycling point, Waste treatment centre, Sorting station, Condominium waste bin

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