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Plastic packaging

Empty, clean and dry plastic packaging, such as

  • Plastic food packaging such as yoghurt pots, butter tubs and packaging for colt cuts, cheese and ready meals
  • Detergent, shampoo and soap packaging
  • Plastic bottles, cans and jars – preferably flattened
  • Plastic carrier bags, bags and wrappings
  • EPS plastic packaging
  • PVC packaging

Remove lids and caps and put them into the recycling bin separately. Do not stack different kind of plastic pots, because it makes it difficult for the manufacturing plant to sort the plastics.

Sort all other plastic, broken plastic items, such as buckets, toys and dishes, and dirty plastic packaging into burnable waste.

Plastic packaging are collected in some Rinki ecopoints. Read more: Plastic packaging are received at all waste treatment centres and sorting stations.

What happens to the waste:

Plastic waste is processed in a plastic recycling plant and manufactured into recycled plastic products and energy.

Reception fee:

Free of charge.

Waste reception:

Rinki eco take-back point, Waste treatment centre, Sorting station

Write your address to see the nearest recycling points