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Gas bottle

Gas bottles containing liquefied gas are often refillable. Exchange a used gas bottle for a new one at for example a petrol station. Return whole liquified gas bottles, for which you do not have any use, primarily to retailers.

Empty, outdated, unusable and/or single use, max. 25 kg liquified gas bottles (both metal and composite) are taken by sorting stations as hazardous waste.

The waste belongs to the following waste type:

Hazardous waste

Sorting guidelines:

Keep different hazardous wastes separately from one another. Store in original packaging or mark the contents of the container. Outdated medicines can be returned to a pharmacy, and used batteries can be returned to the store.

Reception fee:

Free of charge for household up to 50 kg/l.

Waste reception:

Recycling centre, Waste treatment centre, Sorting station