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Sauna stones

If possible, use the stones on your own yard for example as border stones for your flower bed.

Small amounts of sauna stones (a maximum of one 10 litre bucket) can be put in your own trash bin for burnable waste.

Sauna stones of natural stone are received as clean surplus soil at the Topinoja and Korvenmäki sorting stations. Ceramic stones are received as final waste at all sorting stations.

The waste belongs to the following waste types:

Burnable wasteClean surplus soilFinal waste

Sorting guidelines:

Sort both recyclable waste and hazardous waste separately.

Take clean surplus soil loads to a soil landfill. Small loads of clean surplus soil are taken at the Topinoja and Korvenmäki waste treatment centres. We don’t have reception for large loads of surplus soil.

Final waste includes only waste unsuitable for recycling, non-burnable waste or waste that interferes with the burning process.

Reception fee:

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Waste reception:

Own waste bin, Condominium waste bin, Waste treatment centre, Sorting station

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