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The waste belongs to the following waste types:

Burnable wasteEnd-of-life textiles

Sorting guidelines:

Sort both recyclable waste and hazardous waste separately.

Sell usable clothing and home textiles in good condition for example on a flea market or take them to a collection for a charitable organisation.

Sort clean and dry used up textiles into end-of-life textiles. Sort dirty, damp, mouldy, intensively smelling and textile pest containing textiles as burnable waste. Sort rugs, shoes, handbags, belts, underwear, socks, stockings, pillows, blankets, padding and stuffed toys according to size either as burnable waste or large burnable waste (larger than 60 x 60 cm).

Please pack the end-of-life textiles in a tightly closed plastic bag or waste bag. Textiles that are not packed, will be received as burnable waste and charged according to price list.

End-of-life textiles are not received at the Mörttilä sorting station.

Waste reception:

Own waste bin, Condominium waste bin, Waste treatment centre, Sorting station

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