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Please note:

Flea markets may accept domestic textiles that are in good condition.

The waste belongs to the following waste types:

Burnable wasteEnd-of-life textiles

Sorting guidelines:

Sort both recyclable waste and hazardous waste separately.

Sort only clean and dry end-of-life textiles into end-of-life textiles.

Sort dirty, damp, mouldy, intensively smelling and textile pest containing textiles as burnable waste..

Please pack the end-of-life textiles in a tightly closed plastic bag or waste bag. Textiles that are not packed, will be received as burnable waste and charged according to price list.

End-of-life textiles are not received at the Mörttilä sorting station.

Waste reception:

Own waste bin, Condominium waste bin, Waste treatment centre, Sorting station

Write your address to see the nearest recycling points