Basic fee for waste management

The basic fee is an annual, residence-specific fee which covers waste management services that are free of charge at the time of the transaction as well as authoritative activities.

Services covered by the basic fee will include:

  • Hazardous waste collection and treatment
  • Waste treatment centre and sorting station maintenance and customer service
  • LSJH recycling points
  • Waste disposal advice
  • Maintaining a waste management register
  • Handling the municipalities’ joint waste management committee’s official duties

Basic fee payment

The basic fee invoice will be sent to the person who owned or occupied the property on the 1st of January. The basic fee will be invoiced annually from residential properties being used. If the property or apartment is not fit for habitation, please contact your local building control authorities for further instructions on how to proceed. Limited liability housing company fees will be based on the number of flats.

Fee categoryFee (€/year/appartment)
Detached houses (1-4 appartments)23.85
Housing cooperative, 5 appartments or more21,60
Summer homes15.00
Apartment in a dormitory, supported living residence15.00
Detached houses, uninhabited15.00

The prices are based on the waste tariff approved by the waste management committee. The prices include VAT 24 %.