Container service

Starting 2023, a container service for waste containers on wheels (140-660 liters) has been launched. The service is available for everyone for whom LSJH has tendered the emptying of waste containers. Our container service delivers a bin of your preferred volume directly to your collection location. Container service is a carefree alternative, we will be responsible for the maintenance of your bin from now on!

LSJH’s container service includes:

  • Delivery of your preferred waste container to your collection point of choice
  • Sorting guidance stickers on the waste container
  • Cleaning of the waste container in accordance with the waste management ordinance
  • Exchange of faulty containers, which impair emptying and cause safety hazards
  • Change of container size without charge (twice a year)

With the arrival of the container service, we’ve terminated other container sales and leasing services. All previously leased containers have automatically been transferred to the new container service.

You can check emptying rates here.

Container service rates

Detached houses and holiday homes

Size of the waste container (litres)*Price without tax (€/month)VAT 24 %Price including tax (€/month)

* Term of lease is at least 12 months.

Other properties

Size of the waste container (litres)*Price without tax (€/month)VAT 24 %Price including tax (€/month)
 140 (incl. wash)1,730,422,15
 240 (incl. wash)1,730,422,15
 360 (incl. wash)2,420,583,00
 660 (incl. wash)3,630,874,50

* Term of lease is at least 12 months.

Waste container cleaning

A clean bin doesn’t smell, and its comfortable and safe to handle. Washing of the waste container according to the waste management ordinance is included in the price of the container service. We clean your biowaste container twice a year, all other containers are washed once a year. Waste containers that are not part of the container service deal need to be cleaned by the owner of the container. we do, however, provide a separate bin washing service for a fee.

Advantages of the container service

  • Customer satisfaction increases, as you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of your container.
  • The work safety of the garbage truck driver improves, as faulty containers are exchanged in a timely manner.
  • Transportation is streamlined and emptying of the containers can be done more efficiently when the containers fit the transportation vehicle.
  • Waste containers are acquired in large numbers and the delivery logistics are optimized, which helps bring costs down.