Reception fees for small amounts of waste

The fees apply to small quantity waste loads that are brought by passenger car, passenger car trailer or van. Waste loads delivered by lorry, by tractor trailer or on a skip are considered large waste loads. In these cases, the price list for large amounts of waste applies.

By sorting the waste load in advance, you can save both time and money at the sorting station. Check out the sorting instructions in the waste search.

Prices include VAT 24 %. The fees are based on the waste tariff approved by the waste treatment comittee.

Household wasteFee
Burnable waste, size smaller than 60 * 60 cm3,00 €/200 l15,00 €/m³
Large burnable waste, size larger than 60 * 60 cm3,00 €/200 l15,00 €/m³
Ceramic dishes3,00 €/200 l15,00 €/m³
Carton, glass and plastic packaging, metal and paper0,00 €
Fryer grease0,25 €/l
Padded furniture, small (e.g. armchairs and spring mattresses max. 100 cm wide) 8,00 €/pc.
Padded furniture, medium (e.g. sofas spring mattresses over 100 cm wide)12,00 €/pc.
Padded furniture, large (e.g. corner sofas, king-size beds)24,00 €/pc.
End-of-life textiles0,00 €
Tyres without rims (max. 8 tyres per visit)0,00 €
Tyres with rims
(max. 8 tyres per visit)
2,50 €/pc.
Confidential waste (collection only at Topinoja and Korvenmäki sorting stations)10 € per every beginning 20 kg unit
Garden wasteFee
Bio waste (inc. apples, biowaste is not received at Korpo, Houtskär or Mörttilä sorting stations)2,00 €/200 l10,00 €/m³
Raking waste (e.g. leaves and grass)0,00 €
Tree stumps, single pieces (larger received only at Topinoja and Korvenmäki stations)3,00 €/pc.
Clean surplus soil, sand, grit, gravel and stones (reception only at Korvenmäki and Topinoja sorting stations)1,00 €/200 l5,00 €/m³
Twigs0,00 €
Harmful invasive species (e.g. Giant Hogweed, Rugosa Rose, Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, loads larger than 1 m³ received only at Korvenmäki and Topinoja sorting stations)0,00 €
Construction and renovation wasteFee
Waste containing asbestos8,00 €/ each beginning 100 lLarger amounts tah 200 l according to price list for large loads, reception only at Korvenmäki)
Concrete and brick waste, clean tile waste4,00 €/200 l20,00 €/m³
Bitumen2,50 €/200 l12,50 €/m³
Window glass and other glass panes1,50 €/200 l7,50 €/m³
Glass with frames (max 20 pieces)4,50 €/pc.
Recyclable plaster board (no metal, ceramic tiles or wood)2,50 €/200 l12,50 €/m³
Final waste (former landfill waste, e.g. non-recyclable plaster board, insulation wool, mirrors) 5,20 €/200 l26,00 €/m³
Pressure treated wood from households, less than 1 m³ (excl. railway sleepers, telephone and utility poles)0,00 €Max 1 m³, larger loads according to price list for large loads. Loads larger than 1m³: reception only at Topinoja and Korvenmäki)
Wood waste0,00 €
Sanitaryware large (e.g. toiletseats)7,00 €/pc.
Sanitaryware small (e.g. bathroom sinks)3,50 €/pc.
Electrical devicesFee
Electrical and electronic appliances (consumer goods)0,00 €
Fluorescent lights and energy-saving bulbs (fluorescent lights max 30 pc or 50 kg, larger amounts require prior notification and are only received at Topinoja station)0,00 €
Hazardous wasteFee
Hazardous waste from households, up to 50 kg/l0,00 €
Hazardous waste from households: per each kg or l over the 50 kg/l allowance1,00 €/kg
Batteries and small accumulators0,00 €
Lead batteries for vehicles0,00 €
Lithium batteries from electric bicycles, scooters etc.0,00 €
Hand extinguishers (max. 3 pc.)18,00 €/pc.
Liquefied petroleum gas container (2–25 kg)0,00 €
Gas container from camping cooker0,00 €
Fee for barrels (over 50 l barrels, contents are billed separately)35,00 €/pc.
Additional services in sorting stationsFee
Rental trailer (only in waste treatment centres)30,00 €/day
Protective gloves5,00 €/pair
Manual assistance and light machine work (only in Korvenmäki and Topinoja waste treatment centres, minimum charge 30 min)74,40 €/h
Machine-assisted work (only in Korvenmäki and Topinoja waste treatment centres, minimum charge 30 min)111,60 €/h
Companies, public sector and associationsFee
Service fee (will be charged when delivering waste with a reception fee)12,00 €/visit
Hazardous waste is priced according to a separate pricelist.
Small amounts of bio waste from companies are received only at the Topinoja and the Korvenmäki waste treatment centres. Bio waste is priced according to a separate pricelist.
Pressure treated wood from companies is priced according to a separate pricelist. 3)
Confidential waste from companies is priced according to a separate pricelist. 8)
Other waste is charged according to the pricelist for small amounts of waste.

8) Confidential waste is received only at the Topinoja and Korvenmäki waste treatment centres according to their opening times (with exception to invoice customers at Topinoja, for whom reception can only be offered during weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm at Ekopartnerit Turku Oy, drive in through Ravurinkatu).

Please notice

  • Waste shall be sorted in to the waste containers in the waste treatment centres and sorting station according to instructions.
  • The minimum fee for all waste is 1,00 €/unit, except for fryer grease with the minimum fee of 0,25 €/l.
  • Accepted forms of payment are cash, debit cards, Visa Electron, Visa and MasterCard. Please note, that e.g. American Express is not a valid means of payment.
  • Prices for larger amounts of waste: please contact our customer service tel. +358 200 47470 or