Sludge collection rates in Kimitoön

The rates are based on the waste tariff approved by the waste management authority. The price of sludge-tank emptying consists of transportation and treatment fees. Additional fees are applied for extra work.

The prices include VAT 24 %.

Sludge collection rates beginning from 1 April 2021

Sludge collection rates 
Transportation fee, less than 5 m³ of sludgeFee (€ per emptying)
Transportation fee (emptying within 2 weeks from order)76.21
Treatment feeFee (€ per m³)
Septic or depositing tank, small sewage treatment plant20.59
Additional feesFee
Additional transportation fee, 5 m³–14 m³ of sludge€22.86 per emptying
Transportation equipment transfer fee€37.20 per emptying
Special-measure fee (minimum charge 0.5 h)€81.22 per hour
Unnecessary collection€38.11 per emptying
Fee for emptying by order (emptying within 4 weekdays from order)€152.42 per emptying
Express emptying transportation fee on weekdays (emptying within 24 hours from order)€228.59 per emptying
Express emptying transportation fee on weekends (emptying within 24 hours from order)€657.94 per emptying

Transportation fee

Transportation fee covers one sewage water system’s one-time sludge collection and transportation costs.

A maximum of 5 m³ of sludge is emptied at one go.

Treatment fee

The sludge treatment fee is applied according to the cubic volume of the sludge emptied from the sludge tank.

Additional transportation fee, 5–14 m³ of sludge

An additional transportation fee is added to the emptying price if the amount of sludge is 5–14 m³. If the amount of sludge is more than 14 m³, the tank must be emptied twice, and the transportation fee is double.

Transportation equipment transfer fee

If the sludge treatment vehicle must be transferred between sludge tanks with an upper limit of 300 metres, a transportation equipment transfer fee will be added to the emptying price.

Special-measure fee

If the location or condition of the sludge tank requires special measures in connection with the emptying, a special-measure fee will be added to the price by the hour.

Fee for unnecessary collection

The fee for unnecessary collection is applied if

  • the sludge tank is not found based on the directions or its location has not been marked,
  • the sludge tank contains material that does not belong there and emptying cannot be carried out,
  • the sludge tank’s condition or cover prevents emptying or causes an occupational safety risk,
  • a lock on the sludge tank prevents emptying, the route to the tank is impassable, or
  • the sludge tank is empty.

Only the unnecessary collection fee will be applied, no other fees.

Fee for emptying by order

If emptying is ordered separately so that the tank must be emptied within four working days, a fee for emptying by order will be applied.

Transportation fee for express emptying

If same-day emptying is needed, a transportation fee for express emptying will be applied. If same-day emptying is needed at the weekend or on a public holiday, a transportation fee for express emptying at weekends will be applied.