Sludge collection rates in Kimitoön

LSJH takes care of septic tank and cesspool sludge collection and transport as well as waste collection. A local company, Östermalm Trading Ab, is responsible for emptying sludge tanks.

Collection area

LSJH organises sludge-tank emptying on the Kimitoön main island and in Lövö-Kasnäslandet, Rosala-Hitis, and Högsåra. In other areas, property users order collection from a company of their choice.

Sludge-tank emptying at regular intervals or by order

Permanent homes and holiday homes (with flush toilets): Septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants must be emptied at least once a year. Holiday homes with only a dry toilet: Septic tanks must be emptied at least once every two years. If a sludge tank must be emptied earlier than planned, the emptying must be ordered well in advance from our customer service.

Cesspools can be emptied at regular intervals or by the customer’s order. Changes must be agreed upon with our customer service.

How to arrange emptying by order

Make an appointment for emptying by order at least two weeks in advance. This way, routes can be planned in time and sludge tanks emptied systematically.

If emptying by order needs to be fast-tracked, i.e. the sludge tank needs to be emptied within four working days, a fee for emptying by order will be applied.

Order sludge-tank emptying from our customer service by phone at 0200 47470 or by email at

How to cancel emptying

If not enough sludge for collection has accumulated in your septic tank, the current year’s emptying can be cancelled by contacting our customer service by phone at 0200 47470 or by email at

Sludge collection rates beginning from January 1st 2023

The rates are based on the waste tariff approved by the waste management authority. The price of sludge-tank emptying consists of transportation and treatment fees. Additional fees are applied for extra work.

Sludge collection rates Kimitoön
Transport fees€ incl. VATUnit
Transport fee92,05pc
Additional transport, sludge volume 5 – 14 m327,61pc
Collection vehicle transfer on the same property, max 300 m49,30pc
Special-mesure fee100,48h
Unsuccessful emptying46,02pc
Transport fee, emptying by order184,08pc
Transport fee, epress emptying276,12pc
Treatment fees
Sludge from depositing tank or small sewage plant27,24m3
Sludge from cesspool20,76m3

If you have questions about the additional fees for sludge collection or ordering express emptying, our customer service is happy to help you by phone at 0200 47470 or by email at