Electrical device collection

Broken electrical devices are accepted at all our waste treatment centres and sorting stations, the Pop up sorting station and at the Siira waste collection vehicle. Consumer equipment is accepted free of charge.

Find the sorting station closest to you

LSJH’s cooperation partners’ collection points

Due to the coronavirus situation there might be some deviations in the opening hours for the collection points our cooperation partners maintain. Check the situation on their webpages before you head out to take waste to the collection.

Kierrätyskeskus Kisälli (recycling centre)
Teollisuuskuja 2 A, Lieto

Turun Ekotori (recycling centre)
Rieskalähteentie 74, Turku

Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy
Karvataskunkatu 3, Turku

In addition to our sorting stations and the collection points mentioned above, you can also return broken devices to some of the shops selling electrical equipment.

Read more: www.serkierratys.fi