Electrical device collection

Broken electrical appliances are collected at all our sorting stations, the Pop up sorting station and the mobile sorting station Siira. Consumer equipment is accepted free of charge.

In addition to our sorting stations and collection points run by our associates, you can also return broken appliances to some of the shops that sell electrical goods.

Find your closest electrical appliance collection point on the map: kierrätys.info

More on electrical appliance recycling: www.serkierratys.fi

Data secure recycling

Devices containing sensitive data can be returned to our sorting stations in Topinoja and Korvenmäki. Computers, phones and other devices are sent to a data secure dismantling service. The service is run by the producer association SERTY, Kuusakoski and Posti. Alternatively, you can send your devices directly to their service. Read more about it here: seiffi.fi