Hazardous waste collection

Hazardous waste is dangerous to humans and the environment. Hazardous waste can be small and seem innocent, but in the wrong place it can cause serious damage to health and the environment. This is why it’s important to sort and treat hazardous waste safely.

Keep different types of hazardous waste separated. Store it in the original packaging or write the content clearly on the package. You can return old medicines to pharmacies and used batteries to shops.

Collection at the sorting stations

All our sorting stations accept hazardous waste year round. For households it’s free of charge up to 50 kg or litres. Hazardous waste from companies is accepted according to the pricelist. We accept 100 kg/l per hazardous waste type.

See the opening hours

In addition to our sorting stations, hazardous waste is accepted in the recycling centres, in the mobile sorting station Siira and in the Pop up -sorting station.

Collection points in recycling centres (up to 50 kg/l)

Due to the coronavirus situation there might be some deviations in the opening hours for the collection points our cooperation partners maintain. Check the situation on their webpages before you head out to take waste to the collection.

Tramel Oy Kaarina
Asianajajankatu 2-4, Kaarina

Kierrätyskeskus Kisälli (recycling centre)
Teollisuuskuja 2 A, Lieto

Turun Ekotori (recycling centre)
Rieskalähteentie 74, Turku

Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy’s collection
Karvataskunkatu 3, Turku

Recycle large amounts of waste oil for free

STR Tecoil collects black waste oil batches (waste oil from engines) of over 800 litres directly from your house free of charge. The oil cannot contain anything additional such as for example over 10 % water, coolant or brake fluids or vegetable oil. Bookings and further information: www.tecoil.fi.

For oil batches over 2000 kilos (approximately 2200 litres), you can order a free of charge collection also from Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj. The collection can be ordered for used waste oil of good quality (the oil may contain less than 10 % water). Bookings and further information: www.lt.fi.